Meet the blend that's changing the retail coffee world

Why all the buzz about our Joe Knows Coffee™ selection? Because Joe Coffee™ has it all – great coffee, great price and award-winning package designs.

The story of Joe Knows Coffee begins when we wanted to add a brand to our product mix that would appeal to mainstream coffee drinkers. The criteria were quite simple – first, like all of our coffees, the selection had to offer exceptional blends.

As with any new concept, we weren’t sure how this would be received, yet we moved forward, and the best of the best, our CEO, Angelo Oricchio, developed a medium roast blend named Wake Up Joe and a distinct bold, rich dark roast with a unique smooth finish that is rare to find in dark roasted coffees. This we named Tall Dark and Handsome, which we refer to as "TDH." It is our number one selling branded coffee.

From there, we collaborated with an extremely creative and talented design firm who suggested a bold concept and look. Our new blends, Wake Up Joe and Tall Dark and Handsome, were packaged with a simple, bold look that highlighted the name "Joe" in a vertical format on the front of the bag. Wake Up Joe was packaged in a plain, red bag with a white "Joe" and Tall Dark and Handsome in a coffee-colored bag with a coordinating red "Joe" on the front. They were introduced in 2009 at a Fancy Food show. The simple, no-nonsense packaging was an immediate hit, capturing the attention of national buyers, and orders for our Joe Knows Coffee products followed.

While it was exciting for us that our Joe Knows Coffee was well-received by buyers, the real test would be the end user. Once again, Joe Knows Coffee was a hit, as our new brand offered the consumer exceptional coffee blends, options to meet a variety of tastes and an attractive price point.

Loyalty happens
Today our Joe Knows Coffee™ is our number-one seller and receives rave reviews everywhere it's sold. The name has been trademarked, and the package has been recognized among the top creative coffee package designs by The Dieline, which acknowledges the best in consumer product packaging design worldwide. Consumer loyalty continues to increase for Joe Coffee, and Joe Coffee products are now offered in a variety of package sizes and flavors. They are found at numerous retail sites, through distributors, in convenience stores and on the planet’s largest online marketplace. In 2016, a Joe Holiday Blend was introduced, as we continue to meet consumer response for increasing the product line.

Variety driven by demand
The Joe Knows Coffee product mix:

  • Tall Dark and Handsome, with a bold, rich, smooth finish
  • Wake Up Joe, a medium roast, smooth and well balanced
  • Unleaded, a full-flavored decaffeinated ground
  • Joe’s Gal Hazel, a hazelnut-flavored ground
  • Holiday Joe, a seasonal medium-roast ground
  • Donut Blend, a rich medium roast with great aroma
  • Multiple package sizes available, including for single-serve coffee brewers
  • Marketing support in specific sales channels

Joe Knows Coffee™ is available in retail packages or a turn-key convenience store program with a fully supported marketing package, including:

  • Retail packaging
  • Turn-key convenience store programs
  • Fully-supported marketing packages

Join the many businesses who have realized success offering the Joe Knows Coffee product line!

Developed by our CEO Angelo Oricchio, the special characteristics of our Joe coffees have made them our most popular brand. Due to consumer demand and input, the Joe brand continually grows to include single serve flavored pods, holiday packaging and more.



Lately, I've been experimenting with new brands. I've tried a lot of the smaller "hipster" companies…along with the bigger brands…. Anyway, I picked up a bag of Hawaiian Hazelnut…it is the BEST coffee I have ever had in my entire life. I'm a huge fan and I'm looking forward to being a loyal customer.