Put our knowledge to work for you

With experience in the coffee industry that has been passed down since 1935, Paramount Coffee Company’s knowledge of the business of coffee is unparalleled. Each year, our dedicated team spends countless hours learning the art, nuances and trends of coffee. As a long-standing member of organizations such as the National Coffee Association, Specialty Food Association, National Association of Convenience Stores, Private Label Manufacturers Association and many more, Paramount Coffee is recognized and respected as a national leader in the coffee industry.

Throughout the year, our team meets with customers, attends ongoing educational seminars, participates in industry membership affiliations and receives certifications, all in order to assist you in meeting your goals and needs, and to help you bring a successful and profitable coffee program to your business.

Our proven experience in gourmet retail, private label, foodservice, healthcare, convenience stores, packaging and delivery speaks for itself, with many satisfied and long-term customers who understand the importance of having our knowledge in the coffee industry working for them.

An expert in all facets of the coffee process, and recognized as one of the industry’s top evaluators of raw coffee beans.



You guys are incredible! [...] I just want to thank you for your excellent customer service, and your fantastic coffee! It's safe to say you've found a life-long loyal customer in me.