What’s missing on your shelves?

Looking for ways to provide your customers with unique products that capture their attention, build customer loyalty and increase their shopping basket base? We’ve helped national and international retailers realize how profitable coffee products can be on their store shelves.

By offering unique and seasonal package designs, you’ll keep your customers in your store longer, providing them with convenience, selection and value, which will consistently lead to repeat business for you.

We pride ourselves on bringing innovative and appealing package designs for everyday and seasonal coffees, along with the most popular trends such as organically grown, Fair Trade sourced, seasonal flavors and single-serving pods that are sure to attract the attention of your shoppers.

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Rich Schaasfma started with Paramount Coffee Company in 1994 as a route delivery sales person. The many titles he’s held and his years of service at Paramount have enabled Schaasfma to develop a keen knowledge rarely seen in the coffee industry.

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I was very impressed with how quickly (and correct) my order got to me…and of the care and fun extras you added to the package, right down to the very simple, but handwritten “Enjoy”. […] It’s been a very positive experience and I wanted to pass that sentiment along to you. I am spreading the word by the way