Qualified, verified and endorsed

We provide you with the confidence of knowing we place the highest value on quality and food safety. We proudly hold the following certifications, assuring you of our commitment to quality:

SQF Level 2 - Safe Quality Food Institute
SQF certification assures that we adhere to all regulatory, international and scientifically proven standards for food safety in handling, preparation and processing.

USDA-Certified Organic Coffee Roaster
Being a USDA-certified organic coffee roaster ensures that our organic coffees are produced to specific USDA quality standards and are free from pesticides, fertilizers and synthetic ingredients.

Fair Trade Certified
As a collaborative partner with certified fair trade coffees we support socially responsible programs that provide funding for economic reforms, community development, education and environmental assistance for farmers in coffee-producing countries.

Rainforest Alliance
Through the Rainforest Alliance certification, we support worldwide programs that address deforestation, improve agriculture programs and ensure sustainable and healthy communities.

UTZ Certified
UTZ is the largest sustainable coffee certification in the world and has benefited more than 445,000 coffee farmers and workers since its inception.

STAR K Kosher Certified
The STAR-K Kosher Certification guarantees that food products and ingredients meet all kosher requirements. As a world leader in kosher certification, STAR-K has provided over 50 years in kosher supervision.


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